Sandcastle – Shortfilm

A shortfilm production by Yapper Design: Love is something hard to understand. It can be so beautiful yet so different between two people within a relationship. For me, love is something so beautiful to share with someone. For her, love was the unknown road.

Music by Sigur Ròs | Produced by Yapper Design | Poem by Martijn Gielen

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Head of Crew:
Producer: Nico Petrakis
Director/DOP/Montage: Jordy Vandeput
DOP: Ron Eerdekens
Director of Actors: Kim De Raeve
Scenario: Martijn Gielen and Jordy Vandeput

Martijn Gielen
Astrid Clercx
Femke Voorpyl
Rik Driessen
René Vandikkelen
Maria Switten
Mauritz Muños Gutierrez

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