Second Intersection (short film)-trailer

A couple are going for an illegal abortion but an accident stop them .

Director’s Notes :
Certain young people have the power to change their destiny and their environment. Sometimes this thing that we call “destiny” is nothing just the limitations of Laws and Social conventions . Sometimes , the people who try to change this kind of destiny feel like a criminal , which causes complicated situations and everything goes wrong . They have a discussion in their mind “what is right to do ?” . At the end they maybe reach their destination but not in the way they wanted .
Second Intersection is about people who want to decide about their future but the destiny stop them .

Cast and Crew :
Directed and Written By
Mahdi Yousefali
Director Assistant
Nahid Norouzian
Reza Mosavi
Mojtaba Pargar
Cinematography Assistant
Hosein Radmehr
Eisa Ebrahimi Far
Vahid Abedini
Hosein Agha Beigi
Sound Recorder
Rasool Jani Zadeh
Sound Assistant
Ali Asghar Asghari
Javad Saadat
Kamal Kalantar
Farzane Khanmohammadi
Abbas Rasooli
Costume Designer
Mahmoud Hoseini Panah
Costume Assistant
Mohammad Hassan Otarkhani
Mohammad Reza Arrab Zadeh
Mahdi Yousefali
Amir Bahador Mazaheri
Color Correction and Spesial Effects
Hamed bonabi
Sound Design
Masoud Fahimi
Mohsen Bitarafan
Production Manager
Reza Mosavi
Production Assistant
Mohammad Reza Faghih Habibi
Providing Manager
Alireza Hemaiatian
Iranian Youth Cinema Society

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