Severed Dreams

Music – ‘Severed Dreams’ -Ruarri Joseph
From the album ‘Shoulder to the Wheel’ – out now!

A young boy carries his robot friend into adulthood and finds he would rather put away childish things.
The concept was to continue a story about childhood magical friends where most movies would leave it – Pete’s Dragon, ET, Mac and Me, Terminator 2 (!). Our film takes the magical friend through to adulthood where it essentially screws up our protagonist’s life! The excellent cinematography by Joseph Henderson really sells a balance between the gritty and the fantastical and the Robot design was accomplished by fantastic production designer Samuel Normington and a Doug Jones beating turn by actress Taja Costigan.
The video and song seem to go hand in hand and special props should go to Adam Sanders who is a terrific child actor (good luck with the Billy Elliot audition mate), not to mention Emily Dobson and Kelly Jane Manning who play the harassed woman and Princess respectively (and brilliantly).

Special thanks to: Kjetil Alexander Gudmestad, my 1st AD, Lucy Pullinger ( makeup artist) and James Harris (focus puller) as well as Chris Naughton from Mondo Management. I should also probably thank my wife, Tiana Doht for putting in a great turn as the terrorized date! The video was shot on canon 5d mark 2 and 550d for under a grand on location in Cornwall.

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