Short Film Fest

TV Spot for the international short film festival Regard Sur Le Court Métrage Au Saguenay ( ). The idea was to promote the festival in a unusual way and also, being able to use the TV spot in print.

The festival’s director asked me to work around a specific thematic: objects. I decided to use many film set item alongside usual things to re-create a camera. You can find there a lot of grip item, some Zacuto rig part, pills, glasses, techie gear… a big mess!

I shot it with Dragon over a weekend at Atelier 288 using two synched cameras ( 5dmII for the top view and the 7D for the side view ).

Sandy Dumais – animation help and art direction –
Olivier Valiquette – editing and AE tricks –
Rene Pierre T. Guerin – mix and sound design –
Francois Nadeau – Music
Sylvain Dumais – direction, animation and editing –

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