Shortfilm – Cargo

Format Red OneMX finished at 2K
Length: 7min
Year: 2013
Dreaming Tree Productions

Directed by Ben Howling & Yolanda Ramke
Produced by Ben Howling, Yolanda Ramke, Marcus Newman, Daniel Foeldes
DoP Daniel Foeldes

Colourist Sam Chynoweth

I was responsible for the grading and online editing of this short film. The film was graded at 2K from the r3d raw files using Digital Vision’s Film Master and then mastered to multiple formats for distribution to festivals around the world.

*Finalist Tropfest 2012
*Prague Short Film Festival 2014, Prague, Czech Republic
*Madeira Micro International Film Festival 2013, Madeira, Portugal
*Napa Valley Film Festival 2013, Napa Valley, USA
*Leeds International Film Festival 2013, Leeds, UK
*Uppsala International Short Film Festival 2013, Uppsala, Sweden
*Heartland Film Festival 2013, Indianapolis, USA
*Seoul International Extreme-Short Image & Film Festival 2013, Seoul, South Korea
*Sapporo Shortfest 2013, Sapporo, Japan
*LA Shorts Fest 2013, Los Angeles, USA
*Las Vegas Film Festival 2013, Las Vegas, USA
*Northside Festival 2013, Brooklyn – New York, USA
*Finalist, Tropfest 2013, Sydney, Australia
*5.6 million views on Tropfest YouTube Channel

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