ShortFilm “duet.” – Corporeal Mime –

ShortFilm “duet.” – Corporeal Mime – (7min/2015/Japan)

Coreograph&Performed Kentaro Suyama / Tania Coke (
Music Tania Coke / James F Brown III
Cinematography&Directed Katsuyuki Miyabe

Experimental of the Month at 12 Months Film Festival

-Official Selection-
2015 Santa Fe Film Festival (USA)
2015 Los Angeles CineFest (USA)
2015 Roma CinemaDoc (Italy)
2015 The Monthly Film Festival (UK)
2015 Barcelona Planet Film Festival (Spain)
2016 12 Months Film Festival (Romania)
2016 Utah Dance Film Festival (USA)
2016 Speechless Film Festival(USA)
2016 Sapporo Short Fest(JPN)

A man wanders through the streets of Tokyo.
He is searching for a woman, a woman he cannot see, though she is always there.
A man and a woman. Wandering… Searching… Dancing…

“duet.” portrays a man and a woman bound together in a mysterious relationship which unfolds without a word. The film is performed by tarinainanika who are actors specialised in Corporeal Mime – a theatrical art in which body becomes an expression of mind.

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