SHORTFILM: Final (by Jose Luis Montesinos)

Short Film

Directed by José Luis Montesinos
Cinematography by Fernando Collazo Carreira
Film Editing by Nacho Melero, José Luis Montesinos, Iván Valero
Casting by Àngels Martínez
Art Direction by Xavi Bové , Carles Grau
Costume Design by Pepe García, Manel Salas

Recorded in Tarragona and Barcelona, 2003.

Synopsis: Mannuel is a man of literary talent and combines his gift with his obsession with death and his livelihood; he starts to earn a living as a writer of suicide notes. But there is one thing that Manuel does not take into account… the fact that nobody can live permanently surrounded by problems without being personally affected by them. Enrique Alcides from Peter Greenaway ‘s “The Tulse Luper Suitcase” plays the young Mannuel.

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