(shortfilm) Puddles

Puddles – A story about addictions
An hard story about drug addictions, emptiness and love.
Shooted in Tuscany with a Canon 5d

written, directed and edited by Adriano Giotti
production Kangaroo Film

Matteo Pianezzi
Francesca Renzi

cinematography Emilio Sapia
director assistant Francesco Guasconi
cinematography assistant Riccardo Barone
camera operators Emilio Sapia
boom operator Marco Saloni
sound designer Giulio Aldinucci
make up Emanuela Felice
backstage photographer Bernardo Anichini
runner Auro Giotti
catering Alessandra Giotti

music written by Sonny Lanegan. performed by Sonny Lanegan & Jac,
produced by La Fucina Studio

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