(shortfilm) Puh-Rump-A-Pum-Pum

A Christmas yarn that could only be twisted and told in New York City. Equally delightful for the jubilus and the disturbed this tale serves the cause for Christmas with confound compassion. Classical with a curve, Puh-Rump-A-Pum-Pum unnerves the perverted reality for anyone who hurts on Christmas with all the tinsel and every bit of the tingly traditional trapping that has come between a stockpile of Grandmother’s snow flake sugar cookies and Santa Claus’s sleigh – and it comes from the heart.

Written by: J. Michael Grey
Directed by: Antonio Padovan
Cinematography by: Nicola Raggi

Technical notes:
runtime 15’ / language ENG
format: 4k / aspect ratio 2:1 / color 16:9
Red-ONE camera

Likes: 2

Viewed: 296