Rhys Griffin … Toka

Animator, Artist, Designer
and CGI Generalist

3D software most familiar with and used : Maya, 3DS Max and Blender.

This Showreel is intended as a generalist reel mainly, although I tried to make it heavily animation focused as that is my primary interest.
It was very hard to choose sometimes what to include and how to show it. In the end I just decided to focus on a few selected projects, some new and some old. The idea was to just give an introduction or sketch of my past work and career. I plan for a few more specialist reels in the near future as well. More on character animation. A rigging and TD reel. And also a design and concepting storyboard reel.

I feel there are still a few omissions I really wish I had included. Most specifically the original Nintendo Art Academy DS app. I played a central role in helping to shape this project right from the start and it’s still very important to me. I just couldn’t work out how to include it right now. But I hope I can find a way to represent the project and the work sometime in the future.

Showreel Breakdown :

English Hedgerow : Unanico Group

I was very heavily involved right from the start in the creation of this app. I designed all of the creatures and characters and rigged and animated them and designed the sequences.
I also created most of the low poly styled CGI foliage used in the amazing plate pattern which was designed by Jason Jameson.
As well as this I worked closely in the coding team in the shaping of the overall technical design of the app.

Planet Dinosaur : BBC Factual with Jellyfish Pictures.

I worked purely as a character/creature animator on this. All of the animation shown is entirely my own, including all walk and run cycles used. The sequences were all animated in Softimage XSI.
There is a longer edit of my animation work on this project also up on my Vimeo page and it serves as my main creature animation reel at the moment.
This was such a wonderful project to have worked on and a great team.

Glamour Land Unanico Group

Another project with Unanico. I created and designed the large majority of the animated displays for this outdoor insulation. This become one of my favorites projects to be involved with in recent years purely because it was so different from most of my other work. This is why I really wanted to include it.
I hope to get more involved with similar projects in the future. I’m fascinated by using animation and projections in evocative and atmospheric ways for large scale art works and live events.

IF BBC Current Affairs with BBC Drama

This is one of my solo independent visual effects commissions. It’s quite old now as can be seen from the London skyline. But I thought it still important that it be included because it’s still some of my favorite work. And I also haven’t done so much pure live action VFX work in recent years. Especially working entirely solo, as I once did quite often.
I created over 30 VFX shots and motion graphics sequences for this one episode entitled IF … Drugs Were Legal directed by Nick Copus. It was a detective drama set in the near future.
There is a longer edit around this project up on my Vimeo page with making of examples along with a lot of the conceptual storyboarding work. As well as a more detailed run down of how it was made.

Lost Valley Of London Created by Anthony M R Lewis

This is some of the Rose Theater reconstruction model and animation footage that I recently created for a short documentary film by Anthony M R Lewis ‘ Shakespeare’s Secret Playhouse’. It’s part of his ‘The Lost Valley Of London’ series of films.
This became a real labour of love. Every effort was made to be as true to the archeological research as was possible in the time.
The model was built up from the latest surveys. They show it to have been a bit lopsided. The timber frame designs were based on the modern Globe at Bank side and other similar timber frame buildings. The Rose was a smaller and more intimate building than the Globe so there are also a lot of differences.

Opening Sequence :

An original opening sequenced designed for the reel. A combination of several things. Both of the characters are designed modeled and rigged and animated by myself.
Originally the idea was to use the small dinosaur in a short film I had been thinking about. That all sort of morphed into this intro sequence. I knew I wanted to have a short creature animation sequence of some kind to open with, but wasn’t sure what it would be for a long time.

My brother Jon provided the sound effects for the opening sequence as well as the wonderful music. You can hear more of his work here….

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