Sketches from Woolman Hill — Four Tiny Dance Films

In June of 2016, I spent a week in a rustic cabin at Wooman Hill while my kids were in day camp there. In addition to some work I had to do, I decided to embark on a small creative endeavor that was completely frivolous…for no other purpose than to experiment and explore and have fun. My challenge to myself was to make four short dance films, following these rules: 1. Each film had to be a minute long. 2. The footage for each film had to be shot in an hour or less. 3. The films had to be completed (start to finish) within the five days I spent at Woolman Hill.

Here are the results. I tell people these are like quick sketches that a visual artist might draw in a notebook. They are far from polished, but I like them for their simplicity and rough representation of my aesthetic interests.

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