SOARING is a shortfilm showing what is keeping many photographers sleepless through the winter nights in the arctic landscapes and rural areas of northern Norway; the northern lights. The film was shot this autumn from late august to mid november in and around the areas of the city of Tromsø, as well as on the beautiful island of Senja.

All sequences are realtime video, no timelapse used. This film shows the auroras how they really are in real world, not like in most timelapses where they flicker in ridicilous speeds over the screen. Most of the time auroras move really slow and majestically. However, occasionally when you have a strong display they may move really fast, way to fast to be reproduced by timelapse. This video contains some of the wildest auroral displays I have witness in my life in the skies over Tromsø. These displays could never have been presented as they were without realtime video. Even realtime video with framerate of 25fps is struggling to keep up at times with the fastest displays.

The camera used for this was the Sony A7s, with various lenses. Just to answer a few questions I know will come; yes the camera is good in low light, however do not expect magic, there is still noise when you really push it. You still need to plan your shots accordingly to light-conditions.

Pans achieved with the Dynamic Perception Stage One.
Steadyshots done with the DJI Ronin.

Sadly there has been very little snow so far this early winter so lot´s of dark and challenging scenes in here, however if foregrounds become dark, auroras become very easily viewable in a dark snow-less November night. Been trying to use silhouettes for what they are worth. Traditionally I have released these short films by the end of the season (March/April), but by October I already got tons of footage from this awesome season, so I decided to drop a short compilation now. What you´re seeing here is just a fraction, and I am already working on a new production, which in addition to a lot of aurora shots, also will include a lot of other shots and exciting ideas. Stay tuned.

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Music: Tony Andersson – Seeds (Extended mix by me allowed by Tony, thanks Tony)
Licensed from: The Music Bed

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Thorbjørn Riise Haagensen
Helge Mortensen
Frank Kræmer
Anders Hansen


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