Sophie WY Tse | Animation Demoreel 2016

My latest demoreel on character animation up to present, highlighting some of my professional, freelance and personal project. Please check out my showreel to find out more jobs I’ve done.

Responsible for all animation unless noted.
All keyframe animated, using XSI, Maya and Lightwave.


[001] 00:01 Animation test ‘Help’, personal project, using Stewart and Squirrels rig.
[002] 00:11 TVC for Watsons Water, Treehouse Studio.
[003] 00:19 Animation test ‘Run’, personal project, using Stewart rig.
[004] 00:23 Animation test ‘Gas Up the Car’, personal project, using Malcolm2.0 rig for Maya.
[005] 00:33 Short animation ‘New Year’, Treehouse Studio.
[006] 00:39 TVC for Oronamin C, Treehouse Studio.
[007] 00:43 TVC for Suntory, freelance project.
[008] 00:48 TVC for Clorox, Treehouse Studio. Also responsible for camera matching.
[009] 00:52 Mobile Game ‘Noah’s Ark: Animal Rescue’, freelance project.
[010] 01:03 TVC for Cow & Gate, Treehouse Studio.
[011] 01:09 Animated feature film ‘Wings: Sky Force Heroes’, T-FILMS.
[012] 01:13 TVC for OPPO, Treehouse Studio.

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