SPRING Kinect version

SUGOI connects system engineers and creative design teams together to create high
quality video installations using Kinect.

“SPRING” is an interactive video using Kinect.
This work uses the charm of Kinect while preserving the video’s idea and

MANUKE, one of our video production teams focused on creative design has
created content for advertising as well as their own original works showing
a versatility in what we create.
Until now, designers could only create linear videos that could only been
seen through a PC. However, using Kinect, the audience’s interaction at that
time and place can create and change what a video displays…MANUKE is
extremely interested in these new ways to display video and have the
ambition to challenge themselves in creating this feel of unique content.

Using this type of video installation for events, shows, exhibitions, or
even for apps for devices like iPad or PC, SUGOI supports the various ideas
and needs of clients by effectively connecting system engineering with
creative design.
In order to bring new life to advertising, we provide support for clients by
using innovative technology to shape creative ideas.





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