Stroke | shortfilm

A woman suffers a cardiovascular accident while at home. She is taken to the hospital and stays there while awaiting surgery. Due to the stroke, she loses her memory and her capability of recognizing people, objects and surroundings, although being aware of a distinct reality – marked by moments of clarity – resulting in a state of mental confusion.
Stroke portrays in the first person this almost dreamlike experience, in a continuous search of references and recovery of conscience.

It is a short film of digital animation in which a mixed technique of composition is used: the action and characters are filmed in green screen and sequentially inserted in 3D environments.

Direction and Animation
Sofia de Botton

Anne Victorino D’Almeida

Sound Recording and Digital Editing
João Frederico Ludovice

Opening and Credits
António Lamas

Music Performed by:
Orquestra do Conservatório Nacional

Conducted by:
Maestro Alexandre Weffort

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Viewed: 435