Subb Niggurath (2013) – Lovecraftian Shortfilm – Spanish Subtitles

Shortfilm – Subb Niggurath (2013)

VooR Productions
Written and Directed by Roberto Julio Alamo
Produced by Guillermo García Insa
Director of Photography Fiacha O´Donnell
Make up by Claudia Soirrios
Photography by Emanuel Gesang
Catering and Cooker Pablo Cuadrado
Special Effects, 3D, Edition and Postproduction by Roberto Julio Alamo
“The Rolls3D Project”

Javier Paredero is Dem Kavir, the evil Cult Leader
Roberto Julio Alamo is Private Herbert E. Dike
Guillermo García Insa is Sergeant Ronald Meehan
Fiacha O´Donnell is Official Wilhelm Von Braun
Iván Sánchez is the Cultist Pariabus
Pablo Cuadrado is the Cultist Graham
Emanuel Gesang is the Cultist Oratio
Jose Carlos is the Cultist Valerius
Claudia Soirrios is Eva, “the Sacrifice Woman”

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