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Join us deep within the San Francisco Armory this September. Films will be splayed across distressed walls, shot into dirty cages, and projected on to a large main screen.

There will be performance art, visual art, and interactive displays. Décor and lighting are designed to highlight your pieces, and drinks will be served.

Send us your short film, your performance footage, images, scripts, your elevator pitch. Send us what we don’t expect. Every body, every expression welcomed. Priority given to marginalized bodies / trans / queer / fat / POC / disabled artists.

This event is nonprofit. All proceeds above operating expenses go to the artists. Please contact us if you are interested in funding commissions for this or future events.

Note: all performers must be over the age of 18.

Submit by July 20th:

Submit text, images, and low-res film to:

Submit full-res film or large files via Dropbox at:

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