T-Rextasy – “Gap Yr Boiz” (Official Video)

Animated by Christian Larrave — http://christianlarrave.com/

From T-Rextasy’s debut album, Jurassic Punk, released by Miscreant Records and Father Daughter Records — https://t-rextasy.bandcamp.com/

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We were layin’ on a hill and the sun was going down
Wayne was pointing out the itsy caterpillars on the ground
And he gently kissed me on the cheek and said he had to go
‘Cause there were eco-friendly fields of kale he needed to help grow
Next to saving the less fortunate, I guess I lost my charm
WOOFER Wayne picked up and flew away to irrigate a farm
He dug my heart out with a spade and then he dragged me through the dirt
Well, I hope he’s reached enlightenment in his designer yurt
I’ll read your gap year blog, follow all the things you do
Saw that you spent seven thousands bucks on farming in Peru
I think you look real swell in that woven tribal wear
And your buzzcut really suits you, you looked bougie with long hair
Then bongo drumming David came a’ knockin’ on my soul
He kept maracas in his pockets and was bored by rock and roll
He percussed me off my feet and he sent shivers down my spine
I tried to keep up with his beat, but I never could keep time
And my lack of rhythmic inclinations sent him far away
He went off to drum in Kenya, left his Beats by Dr. Dre
Told me he’s released his spirit, and the wind’s his soundtrack now
Hope his remix of nature’s tricks is posted on Soundcloud
I thought we’d never be over
Thought that one of these boys would become a nice Vice vlogger
And enroll at Wesleyan, or maybe Sarah Lawrence
Not leave to find themselves in the goddamn forest