TED 2015 Opening: “Truth and Dare”

The 2015 TED conference opened with this practical effects film shot in super slow motion at Christopher Webb Films’ studio. The project called for a 4K x 1080 image to be captured at almost 3,000 fps. This was projected onto a screen that was roughly 90′ x 30′ at the TED opening presentation.

CW Films created a practical effects solution which put the brick on an exact path to collide with optical glass hiding in the center of the frame. Once broken, the glass shards and fine particles become illuminated by dozens of high powered projection lights with high speed power systems custom built by CW Films.

The lingering nebula of color is the result of glass particles in the air interacting with the various light sources. All effects were originated in-camera, with the exception of the text.

Cinematographer / VFX Technical Director: Christopher Webb
Creative Director & Animator: Garry Waller, Momentist
Creative Director & Producer: Kari Mulholland
Creative Director & Designer: Steven LaMorte, Moniker
Original Music: Shahruz Moshtael
Studio Manager: Graceann Dorse
Camera Assistant: Tom Cryan
Gaffer: Tim Curtin
Key Grip: Dan Torres
Tabletop Rigging: Daniel Jusino
Props: Bill Abbott
Special Thanks: Jeff Burke