The Air Traffic

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Like fireflies at night, or cars drifting over invisible roads in the sky. It’s simply amazing to see what airplanes look like when flying at night when shot at long exposures!

The Air Traffic is a personal timelapse project which I shot over a period of about 6 months.

One night while shooting a timelapse of lightning going off in the sky during a storm from my living room’s window (00:18), I noticed little streaks of light moving across the frame.

Living about a 10-minute drive away from the airport, the streaks of light were none other than airplanes flying to and from the airport. Then it struck me – To do a whole timelapse short film dedicated to airplanes flying at night.

Some of my favorite shots were captured when I got really close to the airport’s runway where airplanes take off and land. That was where I managed to capture some pretty huge streaks of light as the airplanes got really close to ground level and ready to land.

The streaks of light are long exposures of the airplanes flying, about 8-15 seconds. Most of it was shot at Changi Beach in Singapore.

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The Air Traffic – A Milton Tan Film
Shot with Canon cameras, processed in Lightroom, edited in Premiere Pro

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