The Ballad of Julio

An animated short about one starving man’s night of music, dancing and magical beans.

The Ballad of Julio is a comedy short created by a team of 5 recent graduates from The University of Hertfordshire, UK, as our final project. It took roughly 7 months and a lot of sleepless nights to complete, and we hope you enjoy it!

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Michael Wilde – Modelling/Lighting/Compositing –

Leo Blackmur – Rigging/Technical Director/Motion Graphics

James Bown – Animation/Editing

Zan Flaker Berce – Animation/Editing –

Alex Speed – 2d Paintings/Additional Modelling

Alex Etchart – Music



2013 UHAnimation Exposé – Best 3D Film Award – WINNER
2013 UHAnimation Exposé – People’s Choice Award – WINNER
2013 UHAnimation Exposé – Grand Prix Award – WINNER
2013 Canterbury Anifest – OFFICIAL SELECTION
2013 Canterbury Anifest – Audience Choice Award – WINNER
2013 UK Film Festival – OFFICIAL SELECTION
2014 British Animation Awards – Public Choice – OFFICIAL SELECTION

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