The Berrics PUSHedit Contest Entry 2015

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House of One Studios is a Los Angeles-based multimedia production company, established in 2012, dedicated to creating genuine artistic portrayals that are true to reality. With experience in broadcast television, documentaries, corporate advertising, short films, music videos, and reality television, House of One is uniquely equipped and dedicated to providing our clients with an exceptional product. Your vision is safe in our hands.

Sponsored by Mountain Dew

Footage provided by: The Berrics
Edited by: Juan Ramirez

Quote by: Ian MacKaye
Song: Phnheu Somneang by Kong Phano and Pen Ron

Skaters featured: Ben Raybourn, Cody Cepeda, Ishod Wair, Aaron “Jaws” Homoki, Josh Matthews, Leticia Bufoni, Luan Oliveira, Trevor Colden

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