The Companion Experiment

“The Companion Experiment” is a duet that traces the evolution of a relationship between two strangers who are the unassuming subjects of a strange, undefined experiment. Through the interaction of the subjects, the experiment calls into question the physical and emotional aspects of dominance and control, partnership and role reversal, lust, love, rage, loss, and heartache. This piece incorporates counterbalance partnering with urban street aesthetics, contemporary modern dance techniques, and stylized Lindy Hop.

This duet was originally created for the San Francisco Hip Hop DanceFest in 2008 and then was later made into a film which premiered as part of “Creations” at the Met Theatre in Hollywood, 2011.

Choreography: Derek Harris

Film Direction: Ryan McNeill

Performers: Derek Harris and Meegan Hertensteiner

Music: The Dust Brothers

Filmed on location at More Media, Los Angeles, CA 2011