The Devils Breath (Shortfilm Promo)

The Devils Breath Promo for Kickstarter campaign.
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“The Devils Breath”
Chemical drug from Colombia. Also known as Scopolamine. It is made from the Borrachero tree, which blooms with deceptively beautiful white and yellow flowers.
This drug will wipe you memory, after it has blocked your free will.

We are exited about this film, and we can’t wait to get started. This is one of the first films out there that tells the story about what this dangerous drug is capable of. And we have thrown it in a dramatic love story, that also deals with trafficking, abuse, exploitation, racism and sexism.

Short film synopsis :

Vanessa is a young beautiful woman living alone in a country house in Denmark. She is trafficked from Colombia, forced by a mafia to make them money by stripping on a webcam video chat site. They can get whomever they want to do exactly what they tell them to, when using The Devils Breath on them. Simon is a young man who happens to bump into Vanessa at a bus stop in the middle of no where. Simon has no idea what he has gotten him self into when he agrees to go home with Vanessa for a quick night cap.

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