The Exterminator – Pestilence Rising

An industrial accident gives pest control technician Don Benway unusual and unbelievable powers that could save the world, if he follows Dr. Porter’s advice and accepts those powers for what they are. We witness Don’s struggle with being a potential Super Hero and world saver.

Produced in conjunction with Scott Gordon and Citra Productions. The Exterminator – Pestilence Rising was originally created as part of the Baltimore 48 Hour Film Project in July, 2016. It premiered along with 42 other short films in the 48 Hour Film Project on July 17th, 2016 at the old Ideal Theater in Baltimore.

Produced by Tim Flaherty and Ishu Krishna. Directed and written by Ishu Krishna. Co-written and edited by Rich Volin. James Thompson is the Director Of Photography. Greg Leticque is the Cinematographer. Staring Altorro Prince Black, Glenn Faigen, Martha Newman, and Abigail Jamison.

Other crew members on this project are: Gene Ertel, Gaffer; Steve Ames, Audio Recordist; Andrew Heller and Lee Ann Stone, camera assistants; Diane Williams, Script Supervisor; Staci Mehri, Assistant Director; Hillary Shea is the Editing Assistant and Data Wrangler; Leila Darvishian, actor. Martha Newman also has an Associate Producer credit.

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