Short film with a soundtrack by Chelsea Wolfe (song:Pale On Pale / Album:Apokalypsis)

I stumbled on Chelsea Wolfe’s work while researching music for another film. She’s a really talented
and original artist and her music made a big impression on me. Especially the Apokalypsis album.

Around that time I was writing The Gift. A short film about a boy who has the ability to channel life.
The world’s future hippest drug, i’m sure. The whole time while writing and shooting the film
Apokalypsis was playing in the background in my headphones and the car stereo. The influence on the
way I shot that film was so significant I decided to ask my editor Anne Perri to use Pale On Pale as the
soundtrack. From that point on I couldn’t imagine the film without that track.

I contacted Chelsea’s management and had a meeting with Chelsea after a gig. She loved the film and
gave permission to use the track. The whole film was a labour of love made with a great crew and cast,
and would have been impossible without the support of the amazing people at Caviar.