The Guest

“In a society where we take care of each other with bullets, the old widow Elsa is trapped in old habits. When her lonely dinner gets brutally interrupted, Elsa makes a decision that changes more than her own life, understanding that Paradise is lost without others.”

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In the 2011/march issue of 3D World Magazine there’s a two page article about how the film was made (screenshots):

‘The Guest’ is a 7 minute animated short entirely made by Henrik Malmgren, from script to screen.
The production was supported by Vestdansk Filmpulje and Open Workshop, and was largely financed by personal funds.

Producers: Timothy Leborgne and Mathilde Schyts Juul

Throughout the production in the Open Workshop studio, the project was improved by comments and advice from the people streaming through the Animation Workshop in Viborg, Denmark.

Thanks to Viborg Kommune, the Danish Filminstitute and the Animation Workshop.

‘The Guest’ was screened at Siggraph July 2010, Los Angeles, USA.

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