The High Five

On October 2nd, 1977 Dusty Baker hit his 30th homerun of the season. As Baker rounded the bases, an excited rookie named Glenn Burke met him at home plate, raised his arm high in the air and slapped Baker’s hand. It was the first high five recorded in the history of sports. A year later, Burke was forced out of baseball amid rumours of his sexual orientation

ESPN 30 for 30 short. Screenings at SXSW, SFIFF, Maryland and more.
WINNER – Best Documentary Short, San Francisco International Film Festival

Directed and Edited by:
Michael Jacobs

Director of Photography:
Michael Gioulakis
Jesse Dana

Original Music by:
Mondo Boys

Produced by:
Chris Gary

Barry Jenkins

Associate Producers:
Justin Barber
Ryan Simon
Matt Woods

Executive Producers:
John Dahl
Connor Schel
Bill Simmons

Senior Producer:
Dan Silver

Sound Design and Mix:
Joel Raabe

Motion Graphics:
Jason Sussberg

Ayumi Ashley