The Key Moment

The Key Moment is a micro shortfilm based on a true story and inspired by all those weird, miscommunication – lost in translation – wtf moments that emerge while pitching for a foreign client on a long distance conference call.

All audio recordings used form part of a real telephone call conversation. The shortfilm was shot in one day with a splendid debutant actor and superb crew and premierely screened at SFNY- The Art of The Pitch, a design conference organized by Stashmedia.

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Original Idea, Direction, Edit & Sound Design: No-Domain
Production: No-Domain & Ana Gale
Art Direction, Prop Design, Styling & Color Grading: Ana Gale
Direction of Photography: Geraldo Jr. Souza
Outdoor Shots : Javier Tles
Original Music: Nil Ciuró
Actor : Juan (Flextatowa) Pajáres
Art Direction Assistant : Dominique Aizpurua
Audio Mixing & Mastering : Device
DOP Assistant : Francesc Chico
Special thanks to Agosto (Rafa Montilla, Sergi Roda, Natsumi Kanno & Anahi Puig), Juan Pablo Quintero and Raül Peix.

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