The King’s Pawn

A former chess prodigy challenges the world champion with the super-computer he spent his life designing.

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Are you a chess player? – The game within the film was designed by our brilliant advisor, IM Eli Vovsha! Here is the full game Eli designed according to our dramatic specifications (computer plays white and world champion plays black):

Director: Jonah Bleicher
Writer: Darren Anderson, Jonah Bleicher
Producer: Rob Cristiano

Co-Producer: Josh Cohen
Associate Producer: Olga Goister
Director of Photography: Zachary Halberd
Editor: Jonah Bleicher
Production Design: Alexandra Regazzoni
Casting Directors: Jennifer Peralta-Ajemian and Robin Carus
Cast: Collin Ware, Shanga Parker, Jakob von Eichel, Logan Bruner, Julian Murdoch, Zenon Zeleniuch, Kelley J Jackson, Gary Littman, Ken Murphy, Ying Ying Li

Capture Format: RED 4K


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Viewed: 35927