The Ministry (2016) a film by Khyan Mansley

An unsuccessful writer is hailed as a prophet when his novel is discovered by a secret cult.

Written and Directed by Khyan Mansley

Executive Producers
Melissa Schneider
Kathleen Grace
Jay Pond-Jones

Produced by
Rebecca Hewett
Khyan Mansley

Khyan Mansley
Lucy Pearman
Lottie Johansson
Letty Butler
Adam Loxley
Helen Kennedy
David Elms
Chris Kendall

Mitchell Davis

Director of Photography
Ciaran O’Brien

Edited by
Khyan Mansley

Music by
Paul Tyan
Jake Bowser
The Crookes

Sound Design
Dan Pugsley

Ciaran O’Brien

1st Assistant Director
Tibo Travers

3rd Assistant Director
Alessandro Farrattini Pojani

Edie Flowers
Emma Read

Lindsey Pond-Jones

Sound Recordist
Ollie Drummond

Assistant Camera
Christine Alexander

Richard Scott

Production Assistants
Curtis Jordan Hudson
Conor O’Mara

Special thanks

Matt Hok, Laura Schwartz, Adrianna Monteagudo, Jon Salvia, Harry Hitchens, Estée Lalonde, Aslan Ry, Reggie, Paul Neafcy, Tim Butcher, Sushan Mansley, Anthony Lee, Lucy Ross, Ben Williams, Jack Howard, Laurence Berridge, Chris Berridge, Rosemary Stegman, Zak Harney.

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