The Passion Of Martin Scorsese_ A Tribute Video

4 films
4 characters
& 1 tribute to
legendary Martin Scorsese.
Jake Lamotta, Jesus Christ, Frank Pierce & Amsterdam Wallon.
Raging Bull, The Last Temptation Of Christ, Bringing Out The Dead & Gangs Of New York.
Pain, Passion, Blood & Violence.
an outstanding song “Signal to Noise” by brilliant Peter Gabriel.
Martin Scorsese &
his passion & love for movies.

Editor note:
First, let me tell you a story. I was no more than 17 years of age that cinema became one of my personal interests. I used to buy cinema magazines, and eagerly tried to watch serious films in the cinema. During this time, I had watched several important films of the previous decade, but none of them had captivated and interested me so that it could have a meaning beyond a hobby and fun for me. A couple of the days after Oscar 2005, I came across an article about the Oscar ceremony in which there were comments about the academy’s disrespect of Martin Scorsese by not awarding him the Oscar just like the previous years; in spite of the fact that the writer of the article had introduced Scorsese as the greatest director in several decades of American cinema, and a filmmaker beyond such awards and ceremonies.
After reading the article, I was persuaded to watch Scorsese’s works. “The Aviator” was the first film I watched; and, believe me or not, it was the first film I didn’t want to come to an end forever. At that time, I was only an adolescent who had watched just a few films in my life, and who had no specialized information about cinema. However, by watching this film, I felt I had been familiar with the cinema for years, the feeling of an illiterate who had suddenly become able to read and write.
I felt there was a new path in front of me; my life had entered a serious challenge. The challenge that, as I understood later, was supposed to account for the most bitter and the sweetest events in my life. A strange enthusiasm developed in me to watch other works of Scorsese. I was filled with the thought to find Scorsese’s films. Those days, I forgot cinema sites and magazines, I merely engaged myself in knowing Scorsese’s cinema, and for the first time, I felt the love for cinema in the very person who was the maker of these works, the love that was transferred to me, too. From then on, I left everything in my life, and began to learn about the cinema.
The way I chose has been full of pains and sufferings for me up to now, the sufferings that would surely never have involved me had I been studying in a different field. However, I have tolerated all these sufferings and pains with the help of the love that Scorsese initiated in my heart up until this time, and I am confident cinema left a deposit in my heart that I would never find in any other way though it deprived me of many of my other tastes and interests.
This film is the result of my loving effort in order to pay my debt and gratitude to a man that is something beyond cinema in me, but also, like Christ, taught me how to live a life full of pains and passions just as he himself learned it from his Christ.
Evidently, quite humbly and lovingly I present this work to Marti, not because of his knowledge of cinema, but for his passion for it.
Ali Shirazi

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