“The Red Valentine” — A Mindscape Films Picture

Australia, 1944… After a pair of young lovers are discovered dead, a tangled web of deception unravels, revealing that behind the passionate tragedy lies a dangerous truth.


2012 San Jose Short Film Festival – USA
2012 Zero Film Festival – Peru
2012 NYLA International Film Festival – USA
2012 Alexandria Film Festival – USA
2012 St Louis International Film Festival – USA
2013 Victoria Film Festival – USA
2013 Logan Film Festival – USA
2013 Newport Beach Film Festival – USA
2013 St Kilda Film Festival – Australia
2013 Palm Springs International Shortfest – USA
2013 Salento Interntational Film Festival – Italy


2012 Award Of Excellence (NYLA International Film Festival)
2012 Best Actress, Heather Mitchell (NYLA International Film Festival)
2012 Golden Reel Award (Nevada International Film Festival)
2012 Silver – Cinematography, Fictional Drama Shorts (Australian Cinematography Society)
2013 Best Short Narrative (Logan Film Festival)

Written & Directed By
Glenn Stewart

Produced By
Claire Yvonne Evans

Executive Producers
Glenn Stewart
David Bagheri
Eduardo Duran

Director Of Photography
Paul Moss

Production & Costume Design
Jasmine Christie

Hair & Makeup Design
Anni Hall

Glenn Stewart

Gio Galanti

Marianne Jade

Felix Williamson
Heather Mitchell
Clare Bowen
Guy Edmonds
Warrick Allsop
David Baldwin

Filmed on location in Sydney, Australia

Copyright Mindscape Films MMXII


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