“The Room” (Shortfilm)

My very first shortfilm. It was directed, filmed, starred and edited along with my other friends who helped me.

I have to say, that the sound isn’t mixed up well – I did it and I had no clue;)

– Many many many thanks go to Oliver Misch who provided me a great location, light, furniture etc.

– Dennis Podehl for his special effects. Thanks man, I love it.

– Beate Borkowski for her patience and energy. She never acted before – I think she did great.

– Sven Varga whose screenpresence I enjoy very much. There are many future projects for you;)

– Florian Schiller my mainman on the turntables – well, on the audiorecorder and mic.

– Diego Gonzales for his help on the camera, equipment and tips for the right mood.

– Chris Tolias for her make-up and her spontaneous help. I called her on the same day, one hour before shooting. She never did any make-up effects before and our tools were less than basic. I think she did a very good job.

– Tim Geyer, who drove me through the city when I needed to buy my mic and audiorecorder and many many other times.

What would our live be without helping hands?

And also many thanks to Jasmin Rolli, because she checked up possible shooting locations.

Thank you all so much for taking time and putting your energy into this film.

The entire film was shot in Offenbach am Main. The second scene in Oliver Misch’s carpenter workshop. It was a no-budget movie and for the lights we used either the lights that were available in kitchen for example or a 500 watt light in the workshop.

The movie is based on a fantasy I had during my time at the acting school. During a break, we had a discussion about theater, rehearsals and where we can rent rooms to rehearse our monologs etc. One of the girls said that she found a cheap one, so I asked her politley if she was willing to tell us where it is located, but she refused with a sweet smile and during that moment a film went through my head and I saw this scene.

I hope the humor is clear and doesn’t need explanations.



All photos courtesy of Diego Gonzalez

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