The Umbrella Factory, Short Film

One evening, a traveller knocked upon the door of three brothers. Asking for a place to stay, as he has nowhere else to go, he offers them his magic talisman for payment in exchange for room and board to come in out of the pouring rain. What the brothers learn is that the talisman is capable of granting three wishes. But be careful what you wish for.

Based on the Horror Short Story, The Monkey’s Paw, by W.W. Jacobs.

Film Festivals:

November 2014 – Napa Film Festival
November 2014 – Gold Coast Film Festival (New York)
November 2014 – Ojai Film Festival (California)
October 2014 – Open Wound Film Festival, New Mexico (Audience Choice Award)
September 2014 – San Diego Film Festival
September 2014 – Red Dirt Film Festival, Oklahoma (Best Animation Award)
August 2014 – Hollyshorts, Hollywood Chinese Theater (Special Audience Honorable Mention Award)
June 2014 – Salt Lake City FilmQuest
June 2014 – British Animation Film Festival (United Kingdom)
June 2014 – The Long Day Short Film Festival (California)
May 2014 – Edinburgh Short Film Festival (Scotland)
May 2014 – Hollywood Weekly
May 2014 – American Online Film Awards (New York)
May 2014 – Seattle True Independant Film Festival
May 2014 – Thomas Meighan Film Festival
April 2014 – London Independant Film Festival
December 2013 – 17th International Film Festival, Videomedeja (Serbia)
November 2013 – Aesthetica Film Festival (United Kingdom)
October 2013 – VFX Festival (Australia)
October 2013 – Kerry Film Festival (Ireland)
October 2013 – Tucson Film Festival
September 2013 – Peckham Film Festival (United Kingdom)
September 2013 – Sacramento Film and Music Festival
September 2013 – Leamington Underground Film Festival (United Kingdom)
September 2013 – Jaxon Film Festival
August 2013 – The Dare Media Underground Short Film Festival (Ireland)
August 2013 – The Aunt Jane Film Festival (Los Angeles)
July 2013 – LAMP Festival (United Kingdom)

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