The Water’s Edge

A graduation trailer short film for the development of ‘The Water’s Edge’ feature.

“We only have to look at ourselves to see how intelligent life might develop into something we wouldn’t want to meet.” (Stephen Hawking, 2010).

In the aftermath of a alien occupation of Britain, a lone man devotes his life solely to a myth that salvation can be found in the water. However, he must avoid the threats that surround him.

Produced & Directed by CHRIS THOMAS.

as Robert Stenuit


Director of Photography MATEUSZ SZCZEŚNIAK
Sound and Music by DION THORPE
Camera Assistant / Focus Puller : LEE THOMAS
Sound Assistant MARY HENNING
Production Designer ALLAN MACLEOD
Costume Designer GRACE NOBLE
Make-up and Prosthetics SABRINA van TONDER
Production Assistant SOFIA LAHMANN
Electrics/Spark COLIN JONES
Stills Photography and Publicity RACHEL RAYNS
Special Effects TOM COSTER.

Cup of Tea? Films.

Official Film Festival Selection:
Northern Night London Film Festival 2012
Rural Route Films 2012
Rooftop Films – New York 2012
National Film Festival for Talented Youth Seattle 2012.
Ffresh Film Festival – Best UK Graduate Film. 2012
Watersprite International Film Festival 2012 – Nominated for ‘Best Sound Design’.
Screentest: The UK’s National Student Film Festival 2012 – Nominated for ‘Best Film’ and ‘Sci-fi’.
U.F.O Film Selection Arizona 2012
British Kinematograph, Sound and Television Society 2011
Festival du Cinéma Britannique Nantes 2011
Chiller Thriller Michigan 2011
Cornwall Film Festival 2011
Nottingham Mayhem Film Festival 2011

Shot in four days in a lunar landscape. This short film offers a degree of anxiety that does not leave the audience. Europa Magazine

“Absolutely beautiful … stunning in parts … a vision of post-apocalyptic terror.” Dread Central review

“The Water’s Edge is stark, rife with tension and mesmerizing. … Everything about this movie is on target, from the sparse but ever–so–effective sound design to the main character’s emotional performance to the cinematography to the editing, everything works beautifully. … GO SEE IT!! I give The Water’s Edge an enthusiastic ★★★★★ out of ★★★★★.”
Dave’s Horror Reviews

“Highly cinematic and visually stunning, this was the short with the most potential for feature length expansion. Think a British I Am Legend set in Snowdonia.” Impact Nottingham review

“Wonderful cinematic opening shot, plus a great face to main actor, good eyes… hooks you in. Terrific atmosphere, use of music/sound design (especially composed and recorded – well done indeed). Good camera work, painterly lighting/framing. Nice design (e.g. tin can image). Good make-up (especially that wound). When you first hear the actor’s voice it’s touching/effective. The story might be elliptical and strange but here is an example of storytelling through image and sound, the film-making is assured. Very impressive.” Marc Evans, category juror for the Best UK Graduate Fiction Film award at Ffresh 2012

“Visually impressive and stunning to look at, it had a few very intense moments that worked for jump scare value and even made my skin crawl … held together with an outstanding leading performance from actor Mark Drake. … Slick and extremely crisp. … All in all highly recommended and worth a watch. You won’t be disappointed. 9/10” The Daily Macabre review

“Captivating and beautifully shot … some excellent cinematography and camera work. … Mark Drake delivers a believable performance as a man on the edge, in a world seemingly without allies.” D&C Film review

“A combination of stunning visual storytelling that is supported with powerful sound design and editing. There is a genuinely sinister atmosphere that is maintained until the very end. … This is a very accomplished and ambitious piece of filmmaking that creates an unsettling yet visually strong world.” Tutors’ comments.

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Viewed: 8012