To Build a Fire – Trailer

Directed by Fx Goby
Produced by Samuel Francois-Steininger, Fx Goby, Charlotte Bavasso, Chris O’reilly, Christel Delahaye
Copyright Composite films, Fx Goby Films & Pictures, Nexus productions, Carabine productions.
With the participation of France 2.

To celebrate Jack London’s 100th death anniversary, director Fx Goby adapted his famous novel, ‘To Build a Fire’, into an animated short film. It tells the terrible and tragic tale of a trapper and his dog trying to survive in the overwhelmingly freezing and hostile nature of the Yukon Territory.

With the minimal style and refined animation of Fx Goby, enter our polar western and experience the bitter cold and its frostbites while embarking on a journey through sensations.

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