Trailer – Shortfilm “Hombre” (Subtitled)

An introverted boy named Miguel (14) is driven by his boorish father Raul (51) to inland in southern Chile in order to learn how to be “a real man”. One night Miguel enters the forest alone and encounters a strange monster that lives inside. Miguel decides to hide the episode from his father and not reveal the fear he starts to experience. Miguel is torn between his deepest primal fear and his desire to meet his father’s expectations, putting his own identity and nature in question.

Executive Producer: Pajareza Films
Written and Directed by: Juan Pablo Arias Muñoz
Line Producer: María Ignacia Melo
Assistant Director: Valentina Sepúlveda
Director of Photography: Matías Illanes
Production Design: Francisca Celume
Producer: Zyanya Salcedo and Ignacia Merino
Sound: Tomás Arias
Script: Ana Fernández
1st Camera Assistant: Simón Kaulen
Gaffer: Nicolás Saldivia
Logger: Nicholas Hooper

Release Date: March 2017

Likes: 1