Transform is a fashion film created by Steed Lord for The Standard Hotel & swedish lifestyle company WeSC.

Directed by Einar Mega Egilsson

Starring Eddie House & Kali
Cinematography by Einar Mega Egilsson
Edited by Einar Mega Egilsson
Soundtrack composed by Eddie House for Steed Lord
Styling by Kali for WeSC
Hair/Make-up by Kali

This song is available for download on

The film tells a story of two humans traveling through the same city, same streets and the same hotel room but at different times… or is it?
It’s sort of an experimental take on our travels across the world and the jet lagged mind states we are in when we travel and transform from one continent to another to perform our music and art. The movie was inspired by the pale grey color and the 70s design of the headphones.

And because we write a lot of our music on the road, in hotel rooms, on trains and in airports it inspired us to write a special theme song for this project.



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