Follow me on my journey through the most significant and emotional year of my life.
‘Val’ is a chronological documentation day by day from 15 Feb 2013 to 15 Feb 2014.
Starting as a sort of travel/visual diary animation, the film took a big transformation. it turned out a completely different proposition altogether, covering huge milestones in my life beyond any of my expectations.
Within this time frame you will see in order-
My time in Brazil for my friends wedding.
My journey traveling the east coast of Australia.
The last days in Salisbury leading up to my Mother passing away.
A stag festival.
Getting married in Peru.
My mothers funeral.
A lot of London, whilst getting a visa for my wife.
A second trip to Peru.
Moving into a new house.
Getting a new Job.
And then finally getting my wife Lisi here just in time to give birth to our son Leonard.
A year by no means as I planed, filled with emotion from euphoria to despair and back.
The process of making this film has helped me get through this time. It has kept my brain active and been a challenge that I have endured in the name of my beautiful mother.
The name Val is taken from both my mum Valerie Sheppard and my son Leonard Valentino Graham. I felt this truly represents this crazy circle of life.
The mandala that appears with the logo and on the locket is symbolic of a year. The inner 12 circles for months the middle 56 for weeks and outer 365 for days.

All the photos are hand stabilised and taken using my iPhone, 80% 4S, 20% 5S.
The shots when I was overseas where mainly spontaneous but the ones in London had too be far more considered. I would plan locations before hand and work out times of the day or year that I would visit them. This meant in the winter months I would have to get up early and travel London before starting work.
I nearly forgot a couple of times and I thought I had lost my phone a few times too which would have ruined the project. Thankfully i managed to keep hold of both laptop and phone whilst on my travels and armed with an alarm on my phone I remembered everyday. Maybe my mum was looking out for me.

Music by the very Talented Lund Quartet.

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