Vienna waits for you

Subtitles in Spanish, French, Portuguese, Greek, Ucranian and Polish available, just push the CC button!

Check out this neat making-of video:
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Anna should have had a closer look at the fine-print of her rental contract – for the old Viennese apartment is a creature with never ending appetite, living off the youth of its residents.


Director: Dominik Hartl
Writer: Sarah Wassermair
Producer: Diego Breit Lira
DoP: Leni Lauritsch
Editor: Fabian Rüdisser
Art Director: Pia Jaros
Make Up: Martha Ruess, Karin Schön, Gabi Grünwald
Music: Paul Gallister
VFX: Florian Krügel
Sounddesign: Bernd Dormayer


Thanks a lot to:
Ella Gallieni for the French Subtitles
Anna Karvouni for the Greek Subtitles (
Marianna Prado for the Portuguese Subtitles
Jakub Falkowski for the Polish Subtitles

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