WARRIORS Trailer (2014)

WARRIORS – Fan Trailer

Poster Art: http://www.rambhat.com/still-warriors/

Los Angeles 1992 – The Warriors and every other gang in the city are called to meet in the Valley. Cyrus, the leader of the biggest gang (The Riffs), wants to take over LA and proposes a truce amongst them all. But as events take a turn for the worse, the Warriors have to fight their way back home to Long Beach. WILL THEY SURVIVE THE NIGHT?

Directed by Ram Bhat (http://www.rambhat.com)

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Produced by
Meagan Judkins
Alex Sanchez
Ram Bhat

Unit Production Manager
Alex Sanchez

Executive Producer
Ram Bhat

Director of Photography
Autumn Cheyenne Durald

Doron Dor

Original Music by
Andy Favre

ADR / Foley / Sound Design
M. Dean Bridges for Glob Records

Meagan Judkins
Ram Bhat

Associate Producer
David Bokser
Chris Olivarez

Production Designer
Alessandro Marvelli

Set Decorator
Curtis Kemp

Juliette Sedlacek

Assistant Set Decorator
Christopher Hansen

Costume Designer
Sarah Kinsumba
Demetrius Damon
Meagan Judkins
Tamara Becker

Make Up Artist
Miho Suzuki

Make Up Assistant
Hiroko Claus

Abraham Esparza

Hair Assistant
Michelle Ghaltchi

First Assistant Director
Jeff Keith

1st Assistant Camera
Stephen T. Wher

2nd Assistant Camera
Ryan Hogue

2nd Assistant Camera
Drew Dawson

Digital Imaging Technician
Thomas Kowalczyk

Brice Bradley

Best Boy Electric
Simone G.
Jesse Smith

Simone A.

Melanie Adams

Key Grip
Don Padilla

Best Boy Grip
Steven Winslow

Anthony Arenas

Special FX Coordinator
Erich Martin Hicks

Special Effects Assistant
Gary F. Bentley

Picture Vehicle
William Albright

Jerry Fredericks

Production Assistants
John Curtis
Joshua Grossman
Benjamin Askinas
Sacha Ben-Harroche
Joseph Capone
Kelsey Degideo


Concept Design
Jacob Winkler
Luca Vitale
Ram Bhat

Warriors Logo Design
Chris Sanchez

Poster & VHS Illustration
Ram Bhat

Behind the Scenes Photography
Mark Rubenstein
Ryan Erke
Thomas Wood
Trelanda R. Lowe



Destiny Nolen
Latonya Swann
Gabrielle Nevins
Brittany Rosoff
Hennessy Rubio

Lizzies Victim
Sebastien Charmant

Baseball Furies
Anthony Stagel
Andrew Kailon
Eric Corbin
Jalil Houssain
Matthew Peschio

Baseball Furies Victim
Nemanja Flipovic

Charles Jamison
Jonothan Cota
Emmanuel Howell
Jarrod Christopher

Rogues Victim
Frankie Ray

Eddie Ramos
Jesse Somera
Oluchi Lardge
Jeffery King
Aaron Rivera
Adam Gold
Lera Pentelute


Special thanks to:
Mom, Dad, & Priya
Brandon Prior
Heidi Berg
David Gitlis
Abbe Magid
Lindsey Ramey
Steven Ilous


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