When a local ranger in a small country town finds an unidentified algae overwhelming the water supply, he knows that something’s not right. But it’s not until the sun goes down that he discovers the true extent of the danger – it seems the town is about to experience the effects of a mysterious infection that turns not only humans – but
animals too – into zombies. Australian wildlife has never been so terrifying…

Octopod Films and Veritas Entertainment, in association with Deadpan Films, are proud to bring you ‘Waterborne’ – the world’s first zombie kangaroo film, and a prequel for a feature film currently in development.

Turn down the lights, put on your headphones (for extra sound design awesomeness) and enjoy!

Shot on location in regional Victoria, Australia, the film only came about due to the amazing support from over 250 crowdfunding backers, who helped fund the creation of an incredible zombie kangaroo puppet, as well as a digitally animated zombieroo.

The film has screened at over 50 festivals around the world (including big genre festivals such as Fantasia, Fantastic Fest, Sitges International Film Festival) and won multiple awards.

Watch the Behind the Scenes video! https://vimeo.com/octopodfilms/waterbornebts

For more info on the project and the incredible people who helped make this happen:

For further enquiries, contact marisa@octopodfilms.com

Fantasia International Film Festival, August 2014, Montreal, CA
Dublin Eurocon, August 2014, Dublin Ireland
Fantastic Fest, September 2014, Austin TX
Telluride Horror Show, October 2014, Telluride CO
Mile High Horror Film Festival, October 2014, Denver, CO
Horrible Imaginings Film Fest, October 2014, San Diego CA
Film Fete, October 2014, Biloxi, MS – nominated Ryan Coonan – Best Director – Short; WINNER, BEST ZOMBIE MICROSHORT
Oshkosh Horror Film Festival, Wisconsin, USA
Sitges Fantastic Film Festival, Sitges, Spain
RazorReel Fantastic Film Festival, Belgium
New Orleans Horror Film Festival, New Orleans
Three Corpse Circus, Ann Arbour, MI
Morbido Fantastic Film Festival, Mexico
Saskatoon Fantastic Film Festival, Saskatoon, Canada
Abertoir Film Festival, Wales – WINNER, BEST SHORT FILM
Horrible Imaginings Film Festival, San Diego, CA
Oshkosh Film Festival, Oshkosh
Terror Film Festival, Philidelphia
Spooky Movie Film Festival, Washington, DC
Northwest Horror Film Festival, Seattle, WA
Freakshow Film Festival, Orlando, Florida
Dirt Poor Film Festival, Knoxville
Salty Horror Film Festival, Salt Lake City, Utah
Open Wound Horror Film Festival, New Mexico, WINNER – BEST MEDIUM LENGTH HORROR SHORT
Fargo Fantastic Film Festival, Fargo, USA
New York Horror Film Festival, NYC
Buffalo Dreams Fantastic Film Festival, Kenmore, NY – WINNER – BEST INTERNATIONAL HORROR SHORT
Phoenix Fearcon, Phoenix, AZ
Monsterfest, Melbourne, Australia – WINNER, BEST AUSTRALIAN SHORT FILM
Knoxville Horror Film Festival, Knoxville, USA
Drunken Zombie Film Festival, Peoria, IL
Leeds International Film Festival, UK
Tricities International Fantastic Film Festival, WA, USA
Geek Short Film Festival, South Carolina, USA
Buried Alive Film Festival, Atlanta, USA
Vivisections International Horror Shorts, Philedelphia, USA
Flickerfest, Sydney, Australia
Horror-on-Sea, Essex, UK
Flickerfest Melbourne Tour
Young at Heart Film Festival, NSW
Imagine Film Festival, Netherlands
Florida Film Festival, Florida, USA
St Kilda Film Festival, Melbourne, Australia
Cellulart Short Film Festival, Germany
American Horror Film Festival, Lafayette, Indiana
Stanley Film Festival, CO

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