‘What you need to know’ with Freddy & Flo – Company Core Values

This 6 minute film was commissioned and created specifically as a light-hearted look at BOAL’s Company Core Values. As part of a wider piece of work to deliver bespoke training sessions to all 140 of BOAL’s UK Employees (from junior staff to Executives) over a period of two days, Round 6’s founder Stewart O’Reilly and Actor Factory Productions’ founder Peta Maurice co-wrote and delivered the training sessions and forum theatre scenarios, as well as writing, directing, producing and starring in the short film itself to leave BOAL and its staff with a fun reminder of their training. The film was edited superbly by Black Barn Productions’ Will’ Terran. We now intend to make more of these Freddy and Flo short films as a series, with a new subject matter for each episode. Stay tuned!

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