WORDLESS shortfilm.

WORDLESS shortfilm
with English subtitles.
OFF Venice 2012

Wordless / Sans les Mots / Sin Palabras / Senza Parole
The people on both sides of a conflict, always forgot that the children doesnt care about who´s good and who´s evil: they always pay the consequences of the acts of adults.
A man finds combines girl playing among ruins …
Un hombre encuentra auna niña jugando entre unas ruinas…
Un uomo trova combina ragazza che gioca tra le rovine …
Ein Mann findet vereint Mädchen spielen unter Trümmern ..
Directed by Ferran Brooks (Perú)
Garry Bakuniec (Canada)
Actors: Miguel Gallego & Paula Arroyo (Spain)
English Subtitles.

WORDLESS / SANS MOTS / SIN PALABRAS – Parallel Lines 2010 – Directed by Ferran Brooks.
English Subtitles. French subtitles. الترجمة العربية. at-Trjmh al-ʻRbyh.Ondertitels Holandes. Deutsch Untertitel. Sottotitoli in italiano. 意大利字幕。Yìdàlì zìmù.زیر نویس فارسی .

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